Learn to code from a community of people who are passionate about code and teaching!

What is ColorCode?

ColorCode is a place for anyone to learn how to code. We're not prescriptive about what people should learn, but are more keen on hearing about what problems people want to solve or what they want to do, and then set them on the right path to achieving those goals. We also want to encourage those who are under-represented in tech (i.e. women, People of Colour , LGBTQ etc) to participate and feel empowered.

Why ColorCode?

Community and consistency is important when learning to code. We provide a safe, consistent space in which people can learn how to solve problems with code, build websites or think about how tech can help their small business.

When is ColorCode?

We meet every second Saturday, from about 9h30 to 13h00. See our Facebook Page or Twitter Feed for dates and reminders.

Who is ColorCode for?

Anyone, no matter your skill level, is welome at ColorCode. Tell us about what you want to do and we can assist in whatever way we can.

How much is ColorCode?

It's free!

What do you need for ColorCode?

Your own laptop.

Where is ColorCode?

ColorCode is based in Cape Town. We usually meet at Greenpoint Coworking, but the venue may change from time to time

Upcoming Workshops

11-May - Facebook Event

25-May - Facebook Event

8-June - Facebook Event

22-June - Facebook Event

Contact us below via email, Facebook or Twitter to let us know.

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